A Good Restaurant Management, So That Employees Happiness Is Very Important!

Any kind of business model, there is a basic premise, there must be a huge market imagination space, that is, the market capacity should be large enough.

For example, modern restaurant management, it needs to have a complete  restaurant management scheme. Restaurant industry as a traditional and eternal industry, market capacity is large enough, sustainability characteristics are also strong, customers eat once, if feel good, after a period of time will continue to consume.
This requires a perfect restaurant management program. The essence of the catering industry is taste. But when taste differences become unclear, consumers perceive service.

Zhang Yong’s high-minded in, he saw the big city people for the consumer service feeling the need to have a huge market space, big city consumers know a lot of knowledge, market competition is fierce ‘if through the service can these picky customers” of the “heart” to deal with, it is easy to build loyalty, and gradually accumulate the threshold of competition, the world is my!

Sub-is, the sea floor to focus on the “service” of this curry town-style of the first, that is, single, single- and bo-like, in order to make the enterprise have limited resources to focus. Dig deep and reduce marginal costs, add to the edge of the revenue.

When other catering enterprises are engaged in service standardization, the sea floor to go the other way, single-mindedly from the customer’s point of view, carefully provide personalized services, for this reason even paranoid insistence: customers like family as good, and even service to let you “boring”. To make customers happy, you must first make employees happy, that is, Zhang Yong said, “If you want employees to treat customers as well as family, you must be as good as family.”
Through research, interviews and analysis, we found the sea floor fishing, construction of the “happiness triangle”, triangular area by the “sense of security”, “sense of direction” and “sense of achievement” composition. A good restaurant management strategy is to know how to think in the customer’s position, always for the customer to consider.

To make customers happy, you must first make employees happy, in order to make employees treat customers as well as family, you must treat employees as well as family The insight into human nature is profound. In order for an employee to be determined to be loyal to the company, he must study his psychology and needs. Most of the waiters come from the countryside.

A person who comes out of the countryside to work in the city, first focusing on survival, and then making money can make a difference in the lives of families and parents.
Fishing at the bottom of the sea is good in terms of wages and treatment.
If a person wants to improve the happiness index, strong happiness, in addition to have the quality of integrity and kindness, caring for others, the most important thing is to have a sense of direction.

A Good Restaurant Management, So That Employees Happiness Is Very Important!

Employees from the countryside have a simple desire to change their own destiny, but they struggle to have no chance. In the sea floor to salvage the internal hands to change the fate of the values of the transmission is extremely clear, the company to employees sense of direction, establish a clear promotion channel: from the management line, technical line, logistics line three lines of promotion.

This promotion system, so that all employees feel fair, “as long as you want to be possible”, even if you are a kitchen worker today has the opportunity to upgrade, employees here to find the direction of development, no promotion ceiling, even if you are a store manager, there are larger areas and chain stores to provide you with a stage. Such a way of talent management is very humane for employees.

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