Analysis Of Two Modes Of Restaurant Management Enterprises

With the help of capital take-off of modern catering management enterprises, put aside the concept circle money, we call this model “chain model”, such enterprises are divided into two types: The first is the traditional restaurant management type, such as Quanjude, small fat sheep, small and swan, Donglaishun, Tan fish head and other well-known enterprises.

Their customers to adults and business people, the common characteristic is that there is a certain market share, and has a certain enterprise strength, there is a very good “flagship store”, so I hope to be able to develop well and quickly.

But its shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, the lack of talent, cuisine can not achieve complete standardization, to find profit points in the operation, which is very taboo by investors.

Analysis Of Two Modes Of Restaurant Management Enterprises

The second is fast food, casual dining, the main customers are teenagers and fashion groups, but also to McDonald’s, KFC challenge the main enterprises, such as real kung fu.

Their common characteristic is that business ideas closer to the times, there are certain fixed consumer groups, more scientific management, more modern dishes, and more affordable, health conditions and consumer environment more comfortable, so soon gained a certain market share, become the capital market catering upto.

The core competitiveness of single-store restaurants and chain restaurants is completely different, which is one of the main reasons for the development of many specialty dining wing scale. Unique market positioning – stable source – capital favors – scale development – successful listing, which is countless enterprises for the crazy capital Rubik’s Cube, two trillion yuan of Chinese catering just started, and the Internet industry, high-tech industry, compared to the listing opportunities, but opportunities and challenges coexist.

Through industry analysis, you can get a clearer understanding of the concept of restaurant management. At this stage, to maintain the formula advantages and product advantages, to the single-store model to maintain business is undoubtedly the inevitable choice of many small bosses. And with the help of capital to seek listing, this is a Chinese restaurant complex. What your resources are, what your ideals are, and what your choices are.

Analysis Of Two Modes Of Restaurant Management Enterprises

Traditional catering has just begun to wake up the capital, once the talent, management is no longer a barrier to the catering industry, Chinese catering will enter the capital era.

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