As A Restaurant Management, How Should You Choose A Service Personnel?

Under the sea for customers to create a sense of happiness, the customer feel happy, then trust to you, the consumer’s mental model firmly grasp, it succeeded. Accidentally, the sea bottom fish made a “consumer service feel” domain of the first brand. That’s the definition I’ve given to the bottom of the sea, the core of my happiness.

So, as restaurant management, how should you choose the service staff? One might say, “Isn’t there supervision?” Trust without supervision does not call trust indulgence.

As A Restaurant Management, How Should You Choose A Service Personnel?

Submarine fish ingress with employees and managers with a strict appraisal system, but the purpose of the assessment is not mistrust, is to establish habits. What is the enterprise culture? The definition of corporate culture in the textbook is a lot, but I think the corporate culture is a two-word “habit”, that is, the founder to advocate the concept and values, through strict system management to form the behavior of employees habits. Aristotle said, “Our habits make us.”
Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

Submarine fishing hopes that through the system construction, including assessment, to form a complete set of corporate culture, and then internal replication. Only by carrying out chain management can the catering industry have economies of scale and growth value. To be chained, a series of standardized and processed systems, including back-office management, logistics and distribution, and service management, must be established and then replicated.
But for the standardization and process of service, is Zhang Yong extremely opposed, the sea fish ingress to promote personalized service, refuse service standardization, Zhang Yong’s biggest concern is that the service of the sea fishing becomes no personality, if the waiter’s smile is stylized, it means the death of the sugar undersea list.

Zhang Yong’s strategy is to expand by copying the personalized service features of the seafloor, but standardized replication and personalized survival itself are contradictory. A good business model is characterized by the fact that the exterior is not easy to copy and the interior is easy to replicate.This is a good restaurant management.

As A Restaurant Management, How Should You Choose A Service Personnel?

For example, when selecting a person, you must meet three character requirements: The first integrity, kindness, this is the basic principle of life; People who know how to raise the grace, will have a grateful heart, will be loyal to the organization, love to customers;Nothing to do with you from the countryside, regardless of education, hard work can make up for the poor, tian Dao pay, as long as hard work, such employees can progress and grow.

As if you were to join the Party, you must share the same values. Then through training promotion, become a qualified undersea fishing staff, through these employees to the management and culture of the seafish ingress to other stores. Through the continuous improvement of talent management mechanism, so that the service of the sea fishing Deda a lot of consumer recognition.

The bottom of the sea is sure to have the last laugh on the road leading. The advanced realm of business model is the brand model, higher than the brand model is the happy growth model.

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