What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

Open a restaurant, in the process of restaurant management, modern restaurant management involves a lot of aspects, finance in the modern restaurant management in the restaurant management plays an increasingly important role.
Whether it is the raising of funds, the analysis of financial statements or the investment of capital, etc. , are in the financial restaurant management.

1.The catering service center carries out the financial centralized management, and the financial management system is independently accounted for by the department.

2.All departments belonging to food service centers shall strictly implement the relevant financial, laws, decrees, regulations and  restaurant management scheme of the State, schools and logistics development groups, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of the competent departments of finance and higher levels.

3.The financial office of the catering center is responsible for the daily financial accounting management, such as accounting, accounting, accounting, etc., and also provides accounting information and economic analysis data to the center director, and participates in the planning and decision-making of the center.

4.The Financial Room assists the Director of the Center to do a good job in the financial management of the Center, and implements the financial approval system of the Director of “a pen”. 5. Accounting personnel should do a good job of accounting, strict lying supervision, abide by the scope of cost expenses, reduce the cost of food and beverage.
5.Accountants shall exercise their powers and obligations in accordance with the Accounting Law and the Accounting Persons Working System.

What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

I. Bank deposits, check management system

1.Accounting personnel must strictly implement the relevant provisions of accounting management, not to lend, rent bank accounts, not to issue blank checks.

2.Fill in the settlement voucher, must be serious, accurate, clear, not allowed to alter, case amount to be consistent.

3.The cashier buys the check back from the bank, first registers in the check register in the number order, and then enables it, and the unused blank check is kept safe.

4. Cashiers should carefully check the bank’s current accounts, so that the day and month to close, the outstanding accounts to be promptly urged to clean up.

5.Central accountants do not regularly check cash and bank deposits on hand.

6.Cheques and seals should be stored separately.

7. Before the buyer receives the check, he must fill in the “Blank transfer check receipt form of the catering service center” and, after approval by the director, the cashier fills in the date, use, limit, before receiving it.

8.After the buyer uses the check to check, it shall be reported in a timely manner, and in the event of special circumstances, it must be closed by the end of the month after the approval of the Director.

What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

II. Borrowing system

1.Any borrowing must be subject to the approval process.

2.Any one loan must be completed and approved by the director of the center before it can be paid.

3.The liquidity of the purchasing staff must be returned by the end of the year and the loan will be re-processed the following year.

4.General borrowings must be charged within one week of the completion of the task.

III. Accounting voucher composite and accounting file restaurant management scheme

1.Accounting vouchers should be checked from time to time and reviewed before binding.

2.For the review of the accounting documents that have been faulty, the prescribed procedures should be corrected.

3.Accounting files should be kept properly, stored in an orderly manner, easy to find.

4.The accounting files formed each year should be organized into volumes, bound into a book, and strictly implement the security and confidentiality system, not randomly stacked, damaged and leaked.

5.When the accounting files are kept in storage, they must be reported to the Group Finance Section for approval before they can be destroyed.

6.When the accounting files are destroyed, they shall be carried out under the supervision of the Finance Section of the Logistics Group, after the accounting teller of the Centre has checked accurately, and after destruction, the destruction shall be signed, stamped and reported to the Director of the Destruction Centre.

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How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

As a hotel owner, should know what modern restaurant management, a practical restaurant management plan is very important.

One.How to do a good job in modern restaurant management
1, check
Check in first thing every morning. Check the inventory, sanitation, POP placement, flyers and other sites that may be moved every day. In this way, we can ensure that the store has sufficient supplies, accurate product instructions, a smoother experience, and a clean and bright environment. Be prepared for trouble by examination.

2, motivating
Motivation is a daily project. According to the overall state of the staff in the morning, give corresponding incentives. According to individual mental state, give encouragement from time to time. Give hope and encouragement to the previous day’s store operation data. For some executive work, delegate subordinates appropriately. Motivation is not a word of praise or a blueprint. It’s something you integrate into your work without saying a word. A look of encouragement, a smile of trust, a guaranteed mandate are all incentives.
This ensures that the employee’s mental state is positive, which can infect colleagues and customers. If you want to manage your customers well, you have to manage your employees well. Prepare for discouragement by inspiration.

How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

3, service,
The store manager is not a leader in the strict sense, but a server of the employees and gives them support. The most important responsibility of the store manager is to provide subordinates with resources and technical support. Allow subordinates to devote themselves to their work. Restaurant such as the battlefield, wartime food and grass is the soldier’s biggest worry, and the restaurant’s worry is the food guarantee and policy and other resources and technical skills support.

4, watch
Observation is a skill store managers must master. Good observation can help store managers stand at a new height to overview and think about the problem. The store manager obtains the immediate status of subordinates through observation, the overall reaction of customers after entering the store, and whether the problem points that have not been closed are common or individual, and makes timely adjustment based on the observation results. Observation is instantaneous and prevents the spread of existing and immediate problems. Prepare for trouble by observation.

5, communication,
A survey shows that 70% of managers’ time is spent on communication, such as meeting, negotiating, giving reports, discussing problems, handing over work, etc. 70% of the problems are caused by poor communication. Only reach consensus between boss and subordinate, ability opposite each other and go, what subordinate makes is what boss hopes to get.

How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

Two. Basic work

  1. Marketing plan to attract consumers no matter what era, the outcome of the exclusive store is determined by the quality of goods, complete or not. Different from the past, we should not only adapt to the needs of consumers, but also put forward new products that can lead the consumption trend accurately. This is the first priority of store manager management strategy.
  2. Create the operating environment and the store environment expected by consumers should not only be safe, but also have a good atmosphere and characteristics. Achieving these two requirements is the store manager’s second priority. Customers as long as a door to give cordial reception, each service staff is kind, smiling face, the customer as a friend, this is the essentials.

The above is to introduce how to do a good job in modern restaurant management, I hope to help you.

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Modern Restaurant Management Scheme To Be Known As A Store Manager

Modern Restaurant Management Scheme To Be Known As A Store Manager

Nowadays, the restaurant industry is more and more, if the restaurant business can be better and better, need to know the modern restaurant management, then, do you know how to have a good restaurant management?

Many restaurant business will be related to the management of the store manager, the store manager is the core of the whole store, if well managed, there needs to be a feasible restaurant management scheme, often a good business restaurant, behind a manager will be managed. What should I do as a store manager? Will the business in the store get better and better?

Modern Restaurant Management Scheme To Be Known As A Store Manager

The following small editor to learn the management of modern restaurants.

1, because people set the post

Sales in a store often fluctuate for a variety of reasons. At this time, suitable for employment is the key, appropriate adjustment of the mentality of employees, is conducive to improve the attitude to improve the work.Effective staffing can improve the mental outlook of the shop.

2, persistent training

As a store manager to have a weekly plan or monthly plan, weekly training for their own staff, training time is not too long, pick the essence of the content.
Can improve the quality of employees themselves, is conducive to the business of opening a shop.

3, humanized management

People are often the most attention to the “human feelings”, when a place has feelings, nature will also do their best.
Store manager in the process of management, the staff system to maintain “principle, fairness”, but in life, employees have difficulties, can lend a helping hand, give employees care, can reflect the humane management.

4, incentive management

The award and penalty are clearly a good embodiment of a shop.agement People are often the most attention to the “human feelings”, when a place has feelings, nature will also do their best.
Store manager in the process of management, the staff system to maintain “principle, fairness”, but in life, employees have difficulties, can lend a helping hand, give employees care, can reflect the humane management.

Modern Restaurant Management Scheme To Be Known As A Store Manager

No one is perfect, everyone will make mistakes, but when the employee makes mistakes, as the store manager, do not overblame, at the meeting can make these mistakes, to avoid other employees will also make, but remember not to say the name of the employee, so that employees can realize, but also retain self-esteem.

When the staff do well, there will be a sense of achievement, then the store manager should not be stingy your praise, can appropriately reward the staff, to stimulate him to do better in the future, but also will affect the enthusiasm of other employees!

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Restaurant Management Should Have The Management Ability Introduction

Restaurant Management Should Have The Management Ability Introduction

In order to succeed in restaurant management , we need to know some feasible  restaurant management scheme, we must pay attention to the following seven self-management capacity improvement.

1.Time management capacity

Everyone also enjoys 365 days a year, 24 small per day. However, why can someone in a limited time not only complete the brilliant cause and fully enjoy the affection and friendship, but also make their spare time colorful? Does he have three heads and six arms? Will they do the same? Do the old people in time favour them too much?
No, the key is that successful people are good at self-management.

 Restaurant Management Should Have The Management Ability Introduction

2.Interpersonal management skills

Some people say “success is 30% knowledge and 70% connections”, while others say “relationships and human skills are the real first productivity.” “Because human life is never isolated, we have a relationship with everything, and the most important thing in life is this kind of relationship.
Therefore, if you want to be successful, you should strengthen your self-interpersonal management skills.

3.Target management capacity

The tragedy of life lies not in the failure to achieve the goal, but in the absence of an aim. How far the goal is, how far we can go. The goal is to guide the overall direction of our work.
Our daily life and work, in fact, can be understood as: a continuous lying about the goal, the continuous pursuit of goals and the goal of the process, modern restaurant management should also follow this approach.

4.Stress management capacity

Emotions can change people’s lives, help improve relationships and persuade others.Having good emotions is part of the success of management strategy. People with high emotional intelligence can control and defuse bad emotions. On the way to success, the biggest enemy is not a lack of opportunity, or a lack of qualifications;
Successful people are good at managing their emotions.

5.Behavioral management skills

According to the norms of behavior required by social ethics and organizations, everyone’s behavior can be divided into correct behavior and wrong behavior. We should adhere to the correct behavior norms, and constantly manage self-behavior to achieve the requirements of professional behavior norms.
Being able to manage their own professional behavior and stick to professional ethics is the focus of modern restaurant management, and it is also the mature performance of good professional quality.

 Restaurant Management Should Have The Management Ability Introduction

6.Ability to learn and grow

Learning is the driving force of human survival and development. Man is not born to know, but to learn and know. Knowledge and ability do not fall from the sky, but from learning and practice.
Learning ability is an expression of excellence and human spirituality.

7.Self-reflection management ability

Failure is not the mother of success, only good at constantly from failure to reflect on, is the mother of success. Therefore, it can also be said: “Reflection is the accelerator of success.” “Often reflect on yourself, you can remove the mind of distractions, you can understand yourself rationally, have a clear judgment on things; Only by fully reflecting, can we truly know ourselves, and only if we truly know ourselves and pay for the corresponding actions, in order to constantly improve ourselves. Therefore, daily introspection is indispensable, “reflecting on yourself” should be an important part of our work.
Constantly check their own behavior deficiencies, timely reflection on the reasons for their mistakes, we will be able to constantly improve themselves.

Only by insisting on self – management, success will certainly be a matter of water.

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What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

Restaurant management refers to the system management process from the source organization, food raw material sibuying, kitchen production and processing to the restaurant sales service. The method of restaurant management is the general name of the way, means and measures to fulfill the function of modern restaurant management, complete the function of restaurant management and realize the goal of restaurant management. Restaurant catering department as a very comprehensive department, need to have a modern  restaurant management scenario, which is conducive to the operation of the restaurant.

There are several basic methods of management.

1.”Emotional Management” Law

“Emotional management” is a metaphor for image, in fact, behavior and psychological methods. It is a way to guide the students’ thoughts, emotions, hobbies, wishes, needs and social relationships and give the necessary satisfaction to achieve the desired goals. In hotel management, the relationship between people is not only an economic relationship, but also a social relationship.Therefore, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, we must pay attention to the “emotional investment” of employees, through all aspects of the work to correctly handle all kinds of relationships, guide and influence the behavior of employees, so that the realization of the hotel’s goals into employees’ conscious action.

What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

2.Quantitative Management

Quantitative management is to manage by studying the quantitative relationship of management objects, following the regulation of their quantity and using the quantitative relationship. Food and beverage business activities, to use as little investment as possible, to achieve the most effective results, not only have qualitative requirements, but also must have quantitative analysis, whether it is food and beverage quality standards, or the use of funds, material management and human resources organization, should have quantitative standards. It should be said that the use of quantitative methods to manage economic activities, generally has the advantages of accuracy and reliability, economic and practical, can reflect the essence. Of course, whether the management strategy is really feasible, the key is to quantitative lying scientifically and rationally, and the implementation to be specific and strict.

3.Form Management

Form management is the design and delivery of forms to control the restaurant catering business activities. The key of form management is to design a scientific and perfect form system. Food and beverage forms can generally be divided into three categories: the first is the superior department to the subordinate departments issued a variety of business instructions, the second is the communication of information between the departments of the business form, the third category is the subordinate to the superior son of the various reports.

Form management, must follow the principles of practicality, accuracy, economy, timeliness, and make specific provisions in the following five aspects: First, the type and quantity of forms, not only to fully reflect the business activities of catering, but also simple and clear, easy to fill in the analysis. The second is the nature of the form, belongs to the business instruction, or work report. The third is the delivery of the program, that is, to which departments, how to pass. Fourth, the time requirement, that is, to specify when to pass and the time required.Fifth, the processing of form data.

As a restaurant restaurant manager, we must learn to use forms to manage the business activities of catering, such as through the inspection, reading of various work reports to master and supervise the work of subordinates, through reading, analysis of business reports to understand and control the business activities of catering.

What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

4.”Walking management” method

“Walking around management” is also called on-site management, that is, to require managers to go deep into the scene, strengthen inspection, adjust the catering business activities in all aspects of the relationship. We know that one of the characteristics of hotel business operations is the same service and consumption services, to effectively control the business activities of catering, improve service quality, food and beverage managers must often go deep into the first line of service, in order to understand the situation, grasp the dynamics, timely find and deal with all kinds of difficult problems, coordination of all aspects of the relationship. At the same time, but also in order to timely and subordinate communication ideas, contact feelings, the implementation of on-site incentives.

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Introduction To The Concept Of Modern Restaurant Management

Introduction To The Concept Of Modern Restaurant Management

A 5 minute scant and understandable model is a really good model.How should modern restaurant management be done?
Who can make a clear profit in five minutes and come up with exact numbers to prove his point?

Model is in fact can be copied, can be immediately promoted working methods, VC to see a project, the key to see whether there is a clear profit model, whether in the next few years can successfully achieve profitability and scale expansion, all in addition to rigorous market analysis, To have a successful model store mature management system and team. Another aspect of the model is standardization, including standardized management and standardized products.

At McDonald’s and KFC, there is a global lying style and smile, strict time management, goal management and reward and punishment measures have become the assembly line, a management manual, a carefully trained restaurant manager can do a shop look good.

The difference that consumers can feel can almost Ignoring, but catering enterprises are often failure in these fine sections and can not be standardized above, most of the hotel restaurants once a chef or floor supervisor, often can change the feelings of frequent visitors, and even make a lot of frequent flyer slot, why? can not provide quality service and quality products,Why do customers come to taste those unpleasant?

Now several domestic food and beverage enterprises concerned by the capital, whether it is small fat sheep, real kung fu or Qiaojiangnan, have solved the problem of team management and the standardization of dishes, more importantly, has formed a long-term stable source of customers, brand influence and management strategy, which is the most exciting capital. We know that the purpose of business management is not simply for the listing, not to enter the rich list, but to achieve sustainable development, profit and then return to society, bigger and stronger is the same as the success and hero, so there is the invisible champion.

Maybe we’re not McDonald’s rivals, but at some level we’re definitely competitive, we’re a well-deserved strongman and a stealth champion, Moreover, because the good business of the enterprise and return to employees and society, we call this model “store model.”

Introduction To The Concept Of Modern Restaurant Management

That is to say, the enterprise has a certain brand and strength, but the total number of stores is relatively small, operators due to management, talent and many considerations, do not encourage rapid expansion and join, but its flagship store turnover and customer loyalty are very outstanding, even far higher than McDonald’s enterprises, is the industry or the local real stealth champion. Not every catering enterprise steamquickly, more catering enterprises actually need passenger flow and profits, become the store model of the strong, financing listing is much simpler. In this way, restaurant management is a major subject.

The most representative of the traditional catering enterprises naturally can not be separated from rice, dumplings, pasta, porridge and local snacks, once the formation of a strong brand offensive, the enterprise’s basic passenger flow is quite considerable, to the mother dumplings, Jiayu a product, Malan ramen and other enterprises as the representative, They have huge market potential and room for improvement.