How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

As a hotel owner, should know what modern restaurant management, a practical restaurant management plan is very important.

One.How to do a good job in modern restaurant management
1, check
Check in first thing every morning. Check the inventory, sanitation, POP placement, flyers and other sites that may be moved every day. In this way, we can ensure that the store has sufficient supplies, accurate product instructions, a smoother experience, and a clean and bright environment. Be prepared for trouble by examination.

2, motivating
Motivation is a daily project. According to the overall state of the staff in the morning, give corresponding incentives. According to individual mental state, give encouragement from time to time. Give hope and encouragement to the previous day’s store operation data. For some executive work, delegate subordinates appropriately. Motivation is not a word of praise or a blueprint. It’s something you integrate into your work without saying a word. A look of encouragement, a smile of trust, a guaranteed mandate are all incentives.
This ensures that the employee’s mental state is positive, which can infect colleagues and customers. If you want to manage your customers well, you have to manage your employees well. Prepare for discouragement by inspiration.

How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

3, service,
The store manager is not a leader in the strict sense, but a server of the employees and gives them support. The most important responsibility of the store manager is to provide subordinates with resources and technical support. Allow subordinates to devote themselves to their work. Restaurant such as the battlefield, wartime food and grass is the soldier’s biggest worry, and the restaurant’s worry is the food guarantee and policy and other resources and technical skills support.

4, watch
Observation is a skill store managers must master. Good observation can help store managers stand at a new height to overview and think about the problem. The store manager obtains the immediate status of subordinates through observation, the overall reaction of customers after entering the store, and whether the problem points that have not been closed are common or individual, and makes timely adjustment based on the observation results. Observation is instantaneous and prevents the spread of existing and immediate problems. Prepare for trouble by observation.

5, communication,
A survey shows that 70% of managers’ time is spent on communication, such as meeting, negotiating, giving reports, discussing problems, handing over work, etc. 70% of the problems are caused by poor communication. Only reach consensus between boss and subordinate, ability opposite each other and go, what subordinate makes is what boss hopes to get.

How To Do Modern Restaurant Management Well?

Two. Basic work

  1. Marketing plan to attract consumers no matter what era, the outcome of the exclusive store is determined by the quality of goods, complete or not. Different from the past, we should not only adapt to the needs of consumers, but also put forward new products that can lead the consumption trend accurately. This is the first priority of store manager management strategy.
  2. Create the operating environment and the store environment expected by consumers should not only be safe, but also have a good atmosphere and characteristics. Achieving these two requirements is the store manager’s second priority. Customers as long as a door to give cordial reception, each service staff is kind, smiling face, the customer as a friend, this is the essentials.

The above is to introduce how to do a good job in modern restaurant management, I hope to help you.

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