Restaurant Management Should Know How To Pay Attention To Learning Other People’s Management Style

Restaurant Management Should Know How To Pay Attention To Learning Other People's Management Style

In restaurant management, want to create a corporate culture, so that employees really put customers in mind, it is particularly important that many enterprises pay attention to customers, but ignore the attention of employees.

In fact, employees are the most critical part of the customer experience and the most important medium for the customer experience. Whether a company really cares about the interests of its customers can feel from the employees they touch. Because employees are the messengers of corporate values, corporate culture, and emotions, what companies usually encourage, what employees tend to deliver, and what customers can experience.

Restaurant Management Should Know How To Pay Attention To Learning Other People's Management Style

A really good marketing management, is the need to always pay attention to the interests of employees, such as those “customer-centric” great companies, such as Apple, Southwest Airlines, undersea fishing, etc. , their greatness is in the company to cultivate such a good cultural atmosphere, all employees are willing to integrate into it. Employees go to work every day, not only in high spirits, optimistic and happy, but also for products, services and experiences have a sense of ownership. This culture of the business can naturally be felt through employees, and while invisible, it is implicit in different aspects of the customer experience in your constant interactions with your customers.

This is a double-edged situation in which your company naturally attracts and retains customers by creating an environment that motivates employees. Zappos is a brand building perspective rather than cost-saving perspective to look at every communication with customers, so its call center is very different. For example, most call centers measure employee performance using the industry’s well-known “average time to manage”, focusing on how many calls each customer service person receives each day.

As a result, customer service staff will naturally be eager to end their calls with customers, and in order to generate more revenue, many calls also teach customer service staff a lot of talk, asking them to sell more expensive goods.
But in Zappos’s eyes, this is not the best customer service.

Zappos never limits talk time, and its longest customer call is said to last almost six hours, when a customer service staff member checked out about a few thousand pairs of shoes. And ZaPPos doesn’t sell more expensive items on the phone, as it often offends customers. Its mouth is concerned about whether the customer service staff go all out to the customer, they also “prepare for the customer service staff” lines’ because of the s— and customer ditch ii – true personality, from the personal emotional contact.

Restaurant Management Should Know How To Pay Attention To Learning Other People's Management Style

So, if you want to do a good restaurant management, you need to know the way others are managed, and you can manage your restaurant through someone else’s growing experience. Participating employees have ideas, and they immediately cease to participate in providing advice when they give advice without regard to their ideas. That’s why great bosses make it easy for employees to advise them. They asked guided questions. They explore politely. They help employees feel comfortable proposing new ways to get things done.

When an idea is not feasible, they always take the time to explain why.
Good bosses know that the employees who provide advice care about the company, so they make sure that they know that their advice is valuable and valued.