What Are The Methods Used In Market Analysis In Restaurant Management?

What Are The Methods Used In Market Analysis In Restaurant Management?

As the owner of a restaurant, in the process of restaurant management, modern restaurant management involves many aspects, in order to have a good  restaurant management scheme, need to constantly understand the market situation, then you know the market?Here are some of the methods used by the small editor to introduce the market.

What Are The Methods Used In Market Analysis In Restaurant Management?

Methods used in market analysis:

1, system analysis method: the market is a multi-factor, multi-level combination of the system, both the combination of marketing elements, and the marketing process, as well as the impact of the marketing environment.Using the method of systematic analysis to carry out market analysis, researchers can consider the business management development strategy from the enterprise as a whole, use the contact, comprehensive and development point of view to study the various phenomena of the market, and foresee the development trend, so as to make correct marketing decisions.

2. Comparative analysis: Comparative analysis is a logical method of comparing market data of two or two types of things to determine the similarities and differences between them.A thing can not be recognized in isolation, only to associate it with other things to investigate, through comparative analysis, in many attributes can find out the intrinsic properties.

3, structural analysis method: in the market analysis, through market research data, analysis of the structure of a phenomenon and its various components of the function, and then understand the nature of the phenomenon of the method, called structural analysis.

4, deductive analysis method: deductive analysis method is to break down the market as a whole into various parts, aspects, factors, form classified data, and through the study of these classified data to grasp the characteristics and essence and then these through the classification of the understanding of the link, forming a logical way to the overall understanding of the market.

5, case analysis method: the so-called case analysis, is to typical enterprise marketing results as an example, from which to find out the regular things.The theory of market analysis is the general law summed up from the marketing practice of enterprises, which comes from practice and is higher than practice, and can achieve greater economic results by guiding the marketing activities of enterprises. 6, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the combination of: any marketing activities, is the unity of quality and quantity.

What Are The Methods Used In Market Analysis In Restaurant Management?

Market analysis must be qualitatively analyzed to determine the nature of the problem, and quantitative analysis must also be carried out to determine the quantitative relationship between all aspects of market activities, only by combining the two organically, can we achieve not only the nature of the problem, but also the quantitative ization of market economy activities, thus making it more specific and accurate. 7, macro and micro analysis combined method: the market situation is a comprehensive reflection of the national economy, to understand the market activities and its development direction, not only from the perspective of enterprises to investigate, but also from the macro to understand the development of the entire national economy.

This requires that the macro-analysis and micro-analysis must be combined to ensure the objectivity of market analysis, and strive for correctness. 8. The combination of material and human analysis: the research object of market analysis is the enterprise marketing activities and its laws centered on meeting the needs of consumers. As the object of corporate marketing is people. Therefore, in order to get these things into the hands of the people who need them, we need to analyze the different needs of the analysis.

In order to achieve the organic combination of the two, to ensure the smooth sale of products. 9. Direct data law: Direct data law refers to the direct use of the existing sales statistics of the enterprise and the same industry sales statistics compared or direct use of the industry region market sales statistics and the whole social region market sales statistics.By analyzing the changes in market share, look for the target market.

The above is a description of some marketing management methods, I hope the above content in your modern restaurant management time to help.

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