What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

Open a restaurant, in the process of restaurant management, modern restaurant management involves a lot of aspects, finance in the modern restaurant management in the restaurant management plays an increasingly important role.
Whether it is the raising of funds, the analysis of financial statements or the investment of capital, etc. , are in the financial restaurant management.

1.The catering service center carries out the financial centralized management, and the financial management system is independently accounted for by the department.

2.All departments belonging to food service centers shall strictly implement the relevant financial, laws, decrees, regulations and  restaurant management scheme of the State, schools and logistics development groups, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of the competent departments of finance and higher levels.

3.The financial office of the catering center is responsible for the daily financial accounting management, such as accounting, accounting, accounting, etc., and also provides accounting information and economic analysis data to the center director, and participates in the planning and decision-making of the center.

4.The Financial Room assists the Director of the Center to do a good job in the financial management of the Center, and implements the financial approval system of the Director of “a pen”. 5. Accounting personnel should do a good job of accounting, strict lying supervision, abide by the scope of cost expenses, reduce the cost of food and beverage.
5.Accountants shall exercise their powers and obligations in accordance with the Accounting Law and the Accounting Persons Working System.

What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

I. Bank deposits, check management system

1.Accounting personnel must strictly implement the relevant provisions of accounting management, not to lend, rent bank accounts, not to issue blank checks.

2.Fill in the settlement voucher, must be serious, accurate, clear, not allowed to alter, case amount to be consistent.

3.The cashier buys the check back from the bank, first registers in the check register in the number order, and then enables it, and the unused blank check is kept safe.

4. Cashiers should carefully check the bank’s current accounts, so that the day and month to close, the outstanding accounts to be promptly urged to clean up.

5.Central accountants do not regularly check cash and bank deposits on hand.

6.Cheques and seals should be stored separately.

7. Before the buyer receives the check, he must fill in the “Blank transfer check receipt form of the catering service center” and, after approval by the director, the cashier fills in the date, use, limit, before receiving it.

8.After the buyer uses the check to check, it shall be reported in a timely manner, and in the event of special circumstances, it must be closed by the end of the month after the approval of the Director.

What Should Be Done In Restaurant Management About Finance?

II. Borrowing system

1.Any borrowing must be subject to the approval process.

2.Any one loan must be completed and approved by the director of the center before it can be paid.

3.The liquidity of the purchasing staff must be returned by the end of the year and the loan will be re-processed the following year.

4.General borrowings must be charged within one week of the completion of the task.

III. Accounting voucher composite and accounting file restaurant management scheme

1.Accounting vouchers should be checked from time to time and reviewed before binding.

2.For the review of the accounting documents that have been faulty, the prescribed procedures should be corrected.

3.Accounting files should be kept properly, stored in an orderly manner, easy to find.

4.The accounting files formed each year should be organized into volumes, bound into a book, and strictly implement the security and confidentiality system, not randomly stacked, damaged and leaked.

5.When the accounting files are kept in storage, they must be reported to the Group Finance Section for approval before they can be destroyed.

6.When the accounting files are destroyed, they shall be carried out under the supervision of the Finance Section of the Logistics Group, after the accounting teller of the Centre has checked accurately, and after destruction, the destruction shall be signed, stamped and reported to the Director of the Destruction Centre.

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