What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

Restaurant management refers to the system management process from the source organization, food raw material sibuying, kitchen production and processing to the restaurant sales service. The method of restaurant management is the general name of the way, means and measures to fulfill the function of modern restaurant management, complete the function of restaurant management and realize the goal of restaurant management. Restaurant catering department as a very comprehensive department, need to have a modern  restaurant management scenario, which is conducive to the operation of the restaurant.

There are several basic methods of management.

1.”Emotional Management” Law

“Emotional management” is a metaphor for image, in fact, behavior and psychological methods. It is a way to guide the students’ thoughts, emotions, hobbies, wishes, needs and social relationships and give the necessary satisfaction to achieve the desired goals. In hotel management, the relationship between people is not only an economic relationship, but also a social relationship.Therefore, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, we must pay attention to the “emotional investment” of employees, through all aspects of the work to correctly handle all kinds of relationships, guide and influence the behavior of employees, so that the realization of the hotel’s goals into employees’ conscious action.

What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

2.Quantitative Management

Quantitative management is to manage by studying the quantitative relationship of management objects, following the regulation of their quantity and using the quantitative relationship. Food and beverage business activities, to use as little investment as possible, to achieve the most effective results, not only have qualitative requirements, but also must have quantitative analysis, whether it is food and beverage quality standards, or the use of funds, material management and human resources organization, should have quantitative standards. It should be said that the use of quantitative methods to manage economic activities, generally has the advantages of accuracy and reliability, economic and practical, can reflect the essence. Of course, whether the management strategy is really feasible, the key is to quantitative lying scientifically and rationally, and the implementation to be specific and strict.

3.Form Management

Form management is the design and delivery of forms to control the restaurant catering business activities. The key of form management is to design a scientific and perfect form system. Food and beverage forms can generally be divided into three categories: the first is the superior department to the subordinate departments issued a variety of business instructions, the second is the communication of information between the departments of the business form, the third category is the subordinate to the superior son of the various reports.

Form management, must follow the principles of practicality, accuracy, economy, timeliness, and make specific provisions in the following five aspects: First, the type and quantity of forms, not only to fully reflect the business activities of catering, but also simple and clear, easy to fill in the analysis. The second is the nature of the form, belongs to the business instruction, or work report. The third is the delivery of the program, that is, to which departments, how to pass. Fourth, the time requirement, that is, to specify when to pass and the time required.Fifth, the processing of form data.

As a restaurant restaurant manager, we must learn to use forms to manage the business activities of catering, such as through the inspection, reading of various work reports to master and supervise the work of subordinates, through reading, analysis of business reports to understand and control the business activities of catering.

What Are The Ways Of Restaurant Management?

4.”Walking management” method

“Walking around management” is also called on-site management, that is, to require managers to go deep into the scene, strengthen inspection, adjust the catering business activities in all aspects of the relationship. We know that one of the characteristics of hotel business operations is the same service and consumption services, to effectively control the business activities of catering, improve service quality, food and beverage managers must often go deep into the first line of service, in order to understand the situation, grasp the dynamics, timely find and deal with all kinds of difficult problems, coordination of all aspects of the relationship. At the same time, but also in order to timely and subordinate communication ideas, contact feelings, the implementation of on-site incentives.

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