Introduction To The Concept Of Modern Restaurant Management

Introduction To The Concept Of Modern Restaurant Management

A 5 minute scant and understandable model is a really good model.How should modern restaurant management be done?
Who can make a clear profit in five minutes and come up with exact numbers to prove his point?

Model is in fact can be copied, can be immediately promoted working methods, VC to see a project, the key to see whether there is a clear profit model, whether in the next few years can successfully achieve profitability and scale expansion, all in addition to rigorous market analysis, To have a successful model store mature management system and team. Another aspect of the model is standardization, including standardized management and standardized products.

At McDonald’s and KFC, there is a global lying style and smile, strict time management, goal management and reward and punishment measures have become the assembly line, a management manual, a carefully trained restaurant manager can do a shop look good.

The difference that consumers can feel can almost Ignoring, but catering enterprises are often failure in these fine sections and can not be standardized above, most of the hotel restaurants once a chef or floor supervisor, often can change the feelings of frequent visitors, and even make a lot of frequent flyer slot, why? can not provide quality service and quality products,Why do customers come to taste those unpleasant?

Now several domestic food and beverage enterprises concerned by the capital, whether it is small fat sheep, real kung fu or Qiaojiangnan, have solved the problem of team management and the standardization of dishes, more importantly, has formed a long-term stable source of customers, brand influence and management strategy, which is the most exciting capital. We know that the purpose of business management is not simply for the listing, not to enter the rich list, but to achieve sustainable development, profit and then return to society, bigger and stronger is the same as the success and hero, so there is the invisible champion.

Maybe we’re not McDonald’s rivals, but at some level we’re definitely competitive, we’re a well-deserved strongman and a stealth champion, Moreover, because the good business of the enterprise and return to employees and society, we call this model “store model.”

Introduction To The Concept Of Modern Restaurant Management

That is to say, the enterprise has a certain brand and strength, but the total number of stores is relatively small, operators due to management, talent and many considerations, do not encourage rapid expansion and join, but its flagship store turnover and customer loyalty are very outstanding, even far higher than McDonald’s enterprises, is the industry or the local real stealth champion. Not every catering enterprise steamquickly, more catering enterprises actually need passenger flow and profits, become the store model of the strong, financing listing is much simpler. In this way, restaurant management is a major subject.

The most representative of the traditional catering enterprises naturally can not be separated from rice, dumplings, pasta, porridge and local snacks, once the formation of a strong brand offensive, the enterprise’s basic passenger flow is quite considerable, to the mother dumplings, Jiayu a product, Malan ramen and other enterprises as the representative, They have huge market potential and room for improvement.