The Method Of Employee Performance Appraisal Of Restraurant Management Is Introduced To You!

As a restaurant owner, want the restaurant can be steadily run, need a feasible  restaurant management scheme, modern restraurant management in many ways, find the right solution can make the hotel operation more easily.

First, the use of professional scientific performance appraisal methods.

1, figure scale assessment method: is the simplest and the use of one of the most common performance appraisal technology, generally using the graph scale table to fill in the form of scoring.

2, target management method: target management method is a modern method more used, managers usually emphasize profit, sales and cost of these results can be achieved indicators.
Under the goal management method, each employee identifies a number of specific indicators that are key to the success of his or her work and whose completion can be used as a basis for evaluating employees.

3.Narrative method: in the assessment, in the way of written narrative to explain the facts, including the past work has achieved what obvious results, the work of the shortcomings and shortcomings are what.

The Method Of Employee Performance Appraisal Of Restraurant  Management Is Introduced To You!

Second, establish the principle of performance appraisal.

1, the principle of fairness, Equity is a prerequisite for the establishment and implementation of a performance appraisal system for personnel.
Unfairness makes it impossible to play the role that performance appraisal should be.

2, strict principle, Performance appraisal is not strict, will flow in form, the same as false. Poor performance appraisal not only does not fully reflect the true situation of staff, but also has negative consequences.
The strictness of performance appraisal includes: to have clear assessment criteria, to have a serious attitude of assessment, to have a strict appraisal system and scientific and strict procedures and methods.

3, the principle of the results disclosure, The results of the performance should be open to me, on the one hand, can make the subject to understand their own advantages and weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, so that the assessment of good people to continue to maintain advanced;On the other hand, it also helps to prevent bias and errors that may arise in performance appraisals to ensure fairness and reasonableness in the assessment.

The Method Of Employee Performance Appraisal Of Restraurant  Management Is Introduced To You!

Third, master the skills of performance appraisal.

1, modern restaurant management needs to have a good program, through the talent management so that restaurant management steadily. Before the implementation of the performance appraisal system, the assessment should be divided into work attitude, work skills, work efficiency, work results, team awareness, communication skills, matching ability, employee impression several aspects, only the management assessment clear, adjust edited in place, employees will believe your performance appraisal system, will cooperate with your work,will again mobilize enthusiasm.

2, to establish an internal complaints mechanism, so that employees in the face of unfair, unfair treatment when there is a clear way to appeal and resolve, to avoid the leadership emotional factors hurt the rights and interests of professional workers.

Fouth, the role of enterprises in performance appraisal.

1, to achieve the goal, Performance appraisal is essentially a process management, not just a review of results.
It is the medium and long-term goals broken down into annual, quarterly, monthly indicators, and constantly urge employees to achieve, complete the process, effective performance appraisal can help enterprises to achieve the goal.
2, mining problems,
Performance appraisal is a Process of PDCA that is constantly planned, executed, checked and processed, which is embodied in the whole performance management process, including performance goal setting, performance requirements, performance implementation correction, performance interview, performance improvement, and re-setting goal cycle, which is also a process of constantly identifying problems and improving problems.
3, personnel incentives,
Through performance appraisal, the combination of employee recruitment, job promotion, training development and labor compensation makes the enterprise incentive mechanism be fully used, which is conducive to the healthy development of the enterprise, and also facilitates the establishment of a psychological model of continuous self-motivation.

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